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·         Annually serves over 5,000 youth and chess players at our schools/tournaments/events.

·         Donated and distributed over 1,000 chess sets to students, schools, and organizations such as, Spina Bifida Foundation, Chicago Lights Tutoring, and West Side Baptist Community Center.

·         Shipped 310 chess sets overseas to USA military members serving in the Middle East – sponsored a chess tournament by providing and shipping, chess sets, clocks, notation sheets, pencils, WinTD, How to Play Chess by USCF, and the USCF Tournament Rules books.

·         Provides Scholarships; ‘JK Camps’, ‘JK Workshops’, ‘JK Classes’, and ‘RK Tournaments’.

·         Subsidizes and organizes ‘Beginner and Master Training Chess Workshops’.

·         Sponsors and organizes ‘Teacher’s Training Workshops’.

·         Taught before-during-after-school ‘JK Chess Programs’ at 60+ schools and organizations.

·         Funded 6 Schools, Community chess clubs and subsidized an additional 10 school chess clubs

·         Sponsors and organizes ‘chess in the classroom’ for Galileo Academy. 2008 – present.

·         Consultant to the Chicago Public Schools Sports Department: Assisting in restructuring CPS   Chess Programs, organizing and running them. 2006 – present.

·         Organizes and runs with CPS Sports Department, CPS Coaches Meetings. Chicago.

·         Organizes the Chicago Public Schools Sports Department’s Chess Program- CPS K-8 North and South Side Playoffs Tournaments and the CPS Chess Championship. State Representative Mrs. Constance Howard presented trophies and awards at CPS Championship 2008.

·         Subsidized and organized with CPS Sports Department, Chicago Public Schools ‘Free Summer  Chess Camps’ – Stewart School, Canty School, and Coles Academy.

·         Organized with Chicago Public Schools, Teachers Workshop "Incorporating Chess into the Classroom"  featuring Senior FIDE Trainer Michael Khodarkovsky, President of Kasparov Chess Foundation and guest speaker CPS Teacher Mrs. Catherine Lassisi.

·         Organized with CPS Sports Department, ‘CPS Coaches Workshop’, featuring Senior FIDE Trainer Michael Khodarkovsky, President of Kasparov Chess Foundation.

·         Principal of the Day at (Henry Clay School 2008) and (Galileo Academy 2009). Chicago.

·         Donated prizes and organized ‘Galileo Classroom Awards’ for chess in the class assignments.

·         Funded and organized the Ukrainian Chess Federation Vice President’s visit to Galileo Academy.

·         Sponsors with Mayor Daley’s Special Events and McCormick Place, and organizes the chess activities, including Mayor Daley’s Holiday Chess Championship and ‘Chess Pavilion’ featuring free chess with prizes at the Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival. 2006 – present.

·         Sponsored and organized a ‘Chess Night‘with Cub Scout Pack. North Chicago.

·         Sponsored and organized the ‘Chess Pavilion’ at The African Festival of the Arts. Hyde Park.  

·         Sponsors with CHITAG and organizes the ‘Chess Pavilion’ with prizes, at Chicago Toys & Games  Fair.  Navy Pier, Chicago.  2008-2009

·         Sponsored and organized the ‘Chess Pavilion’ at Teen Test Day. South Chicago.

·         Sponsored and organized the ‘Chess Pavilion’ at Kennedy King College Educational Festival. South Chicago.

·         Sponsored chess at The West Side Baptist Community Center. West Chicago.

·         Sponsored and organized all night chess activities and tournament with prizes at Looptopia, America's first all night festival. Chicago’s Cultural Center.

·         Sponsored and organized with trophies and awards, free chess tournaments for Chicago Public School Children at (Henry Clay School) and (Murphy School).

·         Sponsored and organized a chess day at Boys & Girls Club of America at Logan Square. Chicago.

·         Funded or Subsidized Library Programs - Wauconda, Northbrook, Prospect Heights, and Wheeling.

·         Funded and organized the Chess Club - Black Star Project. Chicago

·         Subsidized and organized Chess Clubs, Better Boys Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of America, and Chicago Lights Tutoring. 

·         Subsidized and organized two ‘Simultaneous Exhibitions’, featuring FIDE Master Aung Thant Zin, National Master Dan Wolf at Prospect Heights Library.

·         Sponsors and organizes the free ‘Chess Pavilion’ and ‘Master Challenge’ with FIDE Master Aung Thant Zin with prizes at The Taste of Chicago.  2006 - Present.

·         Sponsored and organized a ‘Triple Simultaneous Exhibition’ featuring Grand Master Sam Palatnik, International Master Stan Smiatankin, and a National Master at Taste of Chicago.

·         Sponsored with Bank of America a free ‘Chess Pavilion’ and ‘Master Challenge’ with FIDE Master Aung Thant Zin with prizes, Six Corners Cornucopia. Chicago.

·         Sponsored and organized ‘Beat the Cop’, ‘ Master Challenge’, ‘Expert Challenge’ and free chess, with prizes, with International Master Stan Smiatankin. Northbrook Side Walk Sale.

·         Sponsored and organized free ‘2 K Workshops’ with snacks for (Expert Level) adults and youth,  lessons were taught by International Master Stan Smiatankin. 1 year. Wauconda.

·         Sponsored and organized free ‘Monthly Chess Lessons’ for (Beginner and Intermediate) adults and youth, at the Renaissance Hotel. 1 year. Norhbrook

·         Subsidized and organized with CPS Activities Department, Irving Park Magnet Cluster Chess Championship at Wright College.  2007 -2008 Chicago.

·         Established the first monthly series of chess tournaments in Chicago land -Knights Quest Tournament now in - 5th year.  2006 – present.

·         Established the first Scholastic Class and Open (Adult & K-12) Sections.

·         Sponsored and organized two ‘human chess matches’, IM Stan Smiatankin played both matches, one against the Oak Park & the Forest Park Mayors, plus chess activities with prizes. Harry Potter Book Release Festival. Oak Park Cultural Center.

·         Subsidized and organized a ‘Free All Day Chess’ with prizes and a National Chess Master for the Art of Play. Chicago’s Cultural Center.

·         Subsidized and organized a ‘Free Lunch Time Chess Play’ with prizes and a National Chess Master (June/July/August/September) for the Art of Play. Chicago’s Cultural Center.

·         Utilized chess as fundraising events for victims of: 'Emergency Relief Simultaneous Exhibitions', Hurricane Katrina, Malaysia Tsunami, Starving in Niger" I & II, with Grand Master Yuri Shulman, International Master Stan Smiatankin, and International Master Angelo Young.

·         Provided over 1000 free Chess Express Rating memberships. 

·         Subsidized and organized ‘Tournament Director Workshops’.

·         Sponsored and organized free chess at National Night Out. Northbrook.

·         Sponsored Renaissance Knights Chess Team, Chicago Industrial Chess League.

·         Sponsored and organized a ‘Free Chess Day ‘with prizes at Kimball Hill School. Rolling Meadows.

·         Sponsored and organized with prizes a ‘Free Simultaneous Exhibitions’ with International Master Stan Smiatankin. Northbrook Jr. HS. Northbrook.

·         Sponsored and organized a ‘Free Chess Workshop ‘ with prizes, food, drinks, and featuring International Master Stan Smiatankin. Northbrook.

·         Subsidized chess programs at Boys & Girls Club of America. Waukegan.

·         Sponsored and ran a chess day at Boys & Girls Club of America. Elgin.

·         Sponsored and organized with prizes a 'Free All Day Chess Festival', including a 'Simultaneous  Exhibition' featuring International Master Angelo Young. Renaissance Hotel. Northbrook.

·         Funded and organized the ‘Salute to Tom Fineburg.’ South Chicago

·         Subsidized and organized a Holiday Chess Tournament at Salvation Army - Elgin

·         Utilized chess as a fundraising event, Simultaneous Exhibitions’ with Grand Master Nikola Mitkov, for purchasing chess sets for Wauconda Schools.

·         Sponsored and organized with the Chicago land Community Chess Club, a day of chess and fun,  featuring chess lessons with International Master Stan Smiatankin, prizes, food, drinks, swimming and boat rides, at the Harbor Club on Bangs Lake, Wauconda.


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