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1.   All players and spectators are to adhere to these rules while in attendance at Renaissance Knights activities.  


2.   All tournament games will be played in accordance with USCF, FIDE rules, or other rules as applicable. 

3.   Players and spectators shall conduct themselves in a professional/sportsmanship like manner.   No verbal or physical taunting of players will be tolerated.  No excessive display of exuberance by players or spectators is allowed. 

4.   Persons shall keep noise to a level as not to disturb others.  During tournament play spectators shall not converse in tournament rooms and players shall keep noise to a minimum. No analysis of games is allowed in the playing room.

5.   Conversing with players in the room will be kept to a minimum and must be in English.  This is to avoid the appearance of receiving improper assistance from another person with your game.

6.  Talking on cell phones in tournament rooms is strictly forbidden. Cell phones and beepers must be silenced; activation in the playing room will result in a loss of 10 minutes on your clock, or 1/2 the remaining time if less then 10 minutes left.

7.   Alcoholic beverage and smoking are not permitted in tournament rooms. 

8.   Game notation is required in accordance with USCF rules with the following modifications:  Players are not required to move first (except in FIDE events), notation is optional for beginner sections (No time deduction will be imposed), and 5 minutes will be deducted from players not recording their games.


9.   Players under 18 years of age shall have a responsible adult in attendance at all times.


10. Penalty for a rule violation during game play: Spectators will be expelled from the room and players will receive a warning for the first offence for minor violations and shall forfeit the game for the second violation or for major violations.  Repeated violations of theses rules are grounds for expulsion from the tournament and tournament rooms and may result in suspension from attending future events. 


11. The Renaissance Knights Officers and Directors have the final say on rule violations.  The Senior Tournament Director has the final say on disputes involving game play. Tournament Directors shall enforce these rules and in the absence of the Officers and Directors, the Senior Tournament Director has the final say on rule violations.  


12. And always BE A GOOD SPORT.



One of the main purposes of having a chess club & chess team is to teach you good sportsmanship. How you act is more important then whether you win or lose.

BE A GOOD WINNER: Don't brag or make fun of your opponent.

BE A GOOD LOSER: Congratulate your opponent for winning. Don't say that you should have won.

BE FRIENDLY: Be polite & greet your opponent while waiting for the game to begin.

BE POLITE: Shake hands right before you start the game.

DO NOT BOTHER PEOPLE: Captured pieces should be put aside; do not play with them. Do not twirl your pen or pencil. Do not eat food at the  table. Do not talk or make noise at the board during tournaments. After your game ends, be quiet & do not analyze it where people are still playing.

BE QUITE DURING INSTRUCTIONS: Give others a chance to hear what is being said.

PLAY BY THE RULES: Being fair is more important than winning. A chess player is required to play without outside help. You may not give or get help. During a tournament match do not speak to anyone on your team, either at the table or away from the board. Do not read anything about chess, even away from the board during tournament games. Make sure everyone knows you are an honest person.

HAVE CHESS BE FUN: Chess is more fun when everyone is a good sport.

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