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Codes and Abbreviations


EF = Entry Fee.

Ent = Where to mail entries.

G/ = "Game In"; a sudden death time control. For example, G/75 means that each player has 75 minutes for the entire game.

HR = Hotel Rates. For example, 60-65-70-75 means $60 for single occupancy, $65 for twin, $70 for three people in a room, and $75 for four people.

ICCA = Illinois Chess Coaches Association

LS = Limited Smoking.

Memb Req'd = Membership Required, generally followed by the cost of membership. Usually refers to state affiliate.

NS = No Smoking.

Open Section = A section open to all. Often has very strong players, but some who are eligible for lower sections choose to play in the Open section for the learning experience.

OSA = Other States Accepted. Refers to state dues.

QC = Quick Chess events (sudden death time control faster than G/30).

Quad = A four-player round robin section. Players are usually of similar strength.

Rds = Rounds; scheduled game times follow. For example, 11-5, 9-3 means that games begin at 11 AM and 5 PM on the first day, and 9 AM and 3 PM on the second day of the tournament.

Reg = Registration at site.

RR = Round robin (preceded by number of rounds).

SD/ = Sudden death time control (time allowed for rest of the game follows). For example, 30/90, SD/1 mean each player must make at least 30 moves in 90 minutes, then has one hour to complete the game.

Section = A division of the tournament, usually excluding players above a specified rating. Players in a section face only each other, not those in other sections.

SS = Swiss System pairings (preceded by the number of rounds).

Unr = Unrated

Rating Classes / Sections

In most events, you don't have to win the tournament to win a prize -- you can win a class prize as a top scorer of your rating group, or a section prize in a section restricted to your rating group. The ratings groups are:

2400+up Senior Master           1000-1199 Class E
2200-2399 Master                    800- 999 Class F
2000-2199 Expert                     600- 799 Class G
1800-1999 Class A                   400- 599 Class H
1600-1799 Class B                   200- 399 Class I
1400-1599 Class C                   100- 199 Class J
1200-1399 Class D

Some tournaments use different groups such as 1900-2099, and some have "under" prizes or sections that are limited to players below a certain rating.

K-3 (Primary) = Kindergarten through 3rd grade
K-5 (Elementary) = Kindergarten through 5th grade
K-8 (Junior High) = Kindergarten through 8th grade
K-12 (High School) = Kindergarten through 3rd grade

4-5 (Elementary) = Grades 4-5
6-8 (Junior High) = Grades 6-8
9-12 (High School) = Grades 9-12

Some tournaments use different groups such as K-5, and some will let players play up in a higher grade section.

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