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Types of Play

There are actually many “types” of chess they can play, ranging from completely informal “skittles” (just for fun) games to highly organized rated tournament play.  

Type of Play

Some Thoughts on the Educational Merits of the Game Chess
by Phil Shapiro

Phil Shapiro wrote an article that discusses some of the school-sponsored chess projects currently underway
around the country.  

Merit of the Game

The Role of Chess in Modern Education
By Marcel Milat

Marcel Milat wrote an article on the history and role of chess in education.

Role of Chess

Scholastic Chess Club Meetings A General Framework

Prof. Chester Nuhmentz article  begins with sketches of how scholastic chess meetings are often organized. The various parts of a typical elementary school club meeting are then discussed in greater detail.

Club Meetings

A Chess Tournament Primer for Parents

The U.S. Chess Center in Washington has put together an excellent primer that covers all the key points.


Tournament Primer

A Guide for Fans and New Tournament Players

Jamie Duif Calvin compiled the guide 'Duif Answers Your Chess Questions: A Guide for Fans and New Tournament Players'.


Guide 4 New Players

What to Take to a Tournament

Along with a pen or pencil and your USCF ID card (If USCF rated event), take a chess board, pieces, and clock if you have them. Some organizers will provide boards, but very few also supply pieces or clocks.

A Quick Guide to the Rules and Etiquette of Tournament Chess

Steven Craig Miller compiled this guide to tournaments with sudden death time controls.


Quick Guide

Insufficient Losing Chances

Steven Craig Miller compiled this guide to the rules covering Insufficient Losing Changes.


Losing Chances


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