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In this section we will have handouts, lessons and other material for use by chess teachers and coaches free of charge.  They are suitable for printing and photocopying and come in PDF format which requires a free Acrobat reader in order to read and/or print them.   

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Chess Handouts by Steven Craig Miller


1. Basic Information Handouts

Elo Rating System
- A two-page handout briefly describing the Elo Rating System.

Quick Guide - A four-page introduction to the rules and etiquette of playing tournament chess.

Insufficient Losing Chances - A one-page handout explaining the rule about insufficient losing chances.

2. For Beginners

Algebraic Chess Notation Introduction
- A two-page explanation of how to keep record of one’s game in
algebraic chess notation.

Becoming Familiar with ACN - A four-page handout which teaches the location of all the squares on the
two long diagonals.

En Passant - A one-page explanation of the En Passant Rule.

Scholar’s Mate - A one-page handout instructing students how to avoid being mated by an early queen and
bishop sortie.

Touch Move - A one-page handout explaining the touch move rule. (I used it as a sign which I posted on the

3. Tests

ACN Test
- A two-page test to see if one’s students understand how to properly record their games in chess

Algebraic Notations Drills - Two-pages of test to help students become more familiar with algebraic chess

Knight Moves - Four-pages of tests to help students become more familiar with algebraic chess notation.

4. Opening Theory

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3
— An Introduction - Two pages.

Bishop’s Opening - One page.

Evans Gambit - Two pages.

The Exchange Variation of the Queen’s Gambit Declined - Two pages.

The Four Knights Game - Four pages.

The Frankenstein Dracula Variation of the Vienna Game - One page.

The Fried Liver and Lolli Attacks of the Two Knight’s Defense - Two pages.

The Fritz and Ulvestad Variations of the Two Knight’s Defense - Two pages.

The Möller Attack of the Giuoco Piano - Two pages.

The Petrov - A one-page introduction.

The Philidor - A one-page introduction.

The Scandinavian (aka the Center-Counter Defense) - Two-pages.

Sicilian Introduction - This 14-page introduction serves as a “field guild” for spotting different variations
of the Sicilian.

The Tatakower Variation of the Queen’s Gambit Declined - Two pages.

The Two Knights with 5. ... Na5 - Two pages.

5. Tactics

Back Rank Mate with Deflection and Removing the Guard
- Two pages

Combinations Involving Forks - Two pages.

Mini Exercises - Four pages of exercises asking whether the position is checkmate, stalemate, or black has a
legal move. (Designed for very young children.)

Smothered Mate (with Knight and Queen Sacrifice) - Two pages.

6. End Game

Basic Mate: King and Rook versus King
- A two-page handout illustrating how to mate with a king and
rook against a lone king.

Basic Mate: King and Queen versus King - A one-page handout illustrating how to mate with a king and
queen against a lone king.

Mined Squares - One page.

Pawn Endings Part 1 - Four Pages.




Most of our handouts contain the following copyright notice: "Copyright © [Year] [Author] Copying and distribution of this article is permitted for noncommercial purposes." The purpose of this notice is to make it clear that everyone is free to use, copy, & distribute our handouts as long as they do not charge money for them (obviously coaches may charge money for their services, and so they may freely use these handouts as long as they do not directly sell them).  Additionally, the handouts are the work of the authors who are solely responsible for their content.


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